Puppy Bowl XIV

Bethany Cutkomp, Editor-In-Chief

Super Bowl Sunday is a special time for numerous reasons. For some, it is the thrill of the game itself. For others, it’s the halftime show. Some enjoy it because of the food. All of these reasons are valid, but one part completes it all. Super Bowl Sunday is also the day of the magnificent Puppy Bowl.

This year marks the fourteenth annual Puppy Bowl. For those that have never heard of such an event, the Puppy Bowl is a competition between the most fluffy, most playful, and most adorable puppies for the chewy.com trophy. Team Fluff competes in a yellow uniform while Team Ruff competes in green. Sponsored by Geico, the Puppy Bowl has a brand new stadium for the rivaling teams to compete in. The first puppy to make an appearance is last year’s MVP, Rory.

Before the game begins, the cheerleading squad enters the field. The squad is made up of recused barnyard animals, including bunnies, piglets and ducklings. In addition, the referee has a new assistant, which is a rescued sloth, named Shirley. Meep the bird is in charge of tweeting important events. Also, after a three year break, the Puppy Bowl blimp has returned, piloted by hamsters for a birds-eye-view of the game.

A special rendition of the Star Spangled Banner was performed by Jokgu the piano playing chicken.

Then the teams are introduced. Team Fluff has the following competitors: Lila, Blueberry Pie, Joy, Luna, Mango, Chance, Bear, Olympia, Alvin, Stripe, Sally, Sunny, Vaughn, Sophie, Buttons, Tyler, Kaleb Junior, Biscuit, Buckalew, and Checkers.

Team Ruff has the following members: J-Paw, Petree, Morris, Boomer, Clyde, Barry, Savannah, Ana, Joker, Ryder, Macchiato, Cotton, Juniper, Mr. Wigglesworth, Dak, Edwin, Peanut, Sally, Kitsy, Moonshine, Hannah, Carlo, and Miss Brie.

The game is close as pups battle for the winning title. Confusion arises as several puppies mistake the smaller dogs as chew toys. Also, some members find it more enjoyable to snooze on the sidelines. While the game goes on, several dogs are featured for a closer look on their past.

The Kitty halftime show features internet sensation, Prince Michael the cat and his nemesis, Phil, in a competitive dance off. Meanwhile, kittens are dancing and playing in the crowd. The kittens came from a shelter and now have loving homes.

Team Fluff wins Puppy Bowl XIV with a score of 52 to 47.

The winner of the underdog title is Mr. Wigglesworth for lounging on the sideline. Bear won the title of the MVP for this year by scoring two touchdowns.

The Puppy Bowl is to raise awareness of puppies and animals that are in shelters and are in need to be adopted.