A Night to Shine Dance

Amya Cooper, Feature Editor

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On February 2,2018, Friday, at Hazelwood West High School , students from West all came together to support the special needs students at the Night To Shine dance.

The dance was held in the school’s commons and senior cafe. The theme was superheroes  and the school was decorated with masks and capes and multiple superhero signs.

Students were able to create their own masks and decorate their own capes and they  got to party on a dance floor to a dj.

Everything was superhero themed, from the food to the activities. The dance was decorated with glow lights, and students, new and old teachers and parents all celebrated.

Teacher’s and Parents thanked the students of Student Council for organizing such an event.

Dunya Hamdan, a STUCO member, said”A highlight was when one of the past special needs teachers came back to surprise the students, they were really happy.”

It was a successful night and had a really great outcome.