NHS Tapping

Amya Cooper, Feature Editor

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On January 11,2018, at Hazelwood West high school,National honor society chose the lucky students that got to be apart of this prestigious organization. Each student chosen heard their name on the intercom and were given a torch for their acceptance. This semester, over 70 students were accepted in NHS.Getting accepted, as well as choosing who to accept, is not an easy process.

Students must be involved  in two leadership activities and one service activity.They must also have at least a 3.2 GPA, and no disciplinary background.

” When a student completes the application process, it goes to a faculty advisory committee”, as explained by Mrs.Inman, NHS Rep. 75% of the faculty has to approve of the student in order for them to become a member. The new members were invited to a meeting to discuss what would be expected of them.The representatives, Mr. Beucke, Mrs. Schutzenhofer, and Mrs. Inman congratulated them in the cafeteria.

“I was so excited, even though it’s my senior year, it feels like a big accomplishment” said Salsabel Farres,senior, or ‘salsa’ from the morning announcements. Farres also had good things to say about one of the representatives,Mrs.Inman. “ I was a little nervous, but I met all the requirements and Mrs.Inman reassured me”. She also said that being involved in NHS has inspired her to become a better student.

National honor society had a big turnout, and hopefully the students at West continue to strive for greatness.