Robotics FIRST Tech Challenge

Bethany Cutkomp, Editor-In-Chief

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On January 14th, Hazelwood West’s robotics team participated in the FIRST Tech Challenge. Taking place at Florissant Valley Community College, West competed against thirty-two other schools.

The objective of the competition is to build a robot that is able to achieve challenges involving foam cubes and a relic. The goal of the challenge is for the robot to earn points by completing tasks. Such tasks include being able to transfer foam blocks and place them into rows and columns.

The team’s robot had taken roughly five months to build. The results of the challenges placed the team in 31st place, but they keep a positive outlook on the experience.

“We did better than expected,” said senior Josh Kupka. “This year we had to start from scratch because most of the original mechanics had graduated.”

The robotics team will continue working hard for future competitions to come.