H&M’s New Clothing Line Sparks Outrage

Drake Smith, News Editor

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A surprising new line of clothing released by the Swedish clothing retailer H And M last week revealed an hoodie that sparked racial tension around the world. They released a hoodie with the text “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle” which was worn by a black child in the advertisement. This sparked mass outrage from many social groups around the world. H and M has issued two seperate apologies, after receiving more backlash from the first, which was rather vague. They also removed the hoodie from their product line.

Still, the apologies have done little to disperse the situation. The outrage even sparked entertainers The Weekend and G-Eazy to end their endorsements with the company. Even NBA star Lebron James took a shot a H and M on twitter: “You got us all wrong, we ain’t goin for it”.


Taken from Lebron James’ Instagram account. 

Several H and M stores were raided in South Africa as a sign of protest. However while the outrage has been widespread, the parents of the model in the advertisement see it as “no big deal” and believe people are being oversensitive regarding the issue. The family has even had to vacate their home for “security reasons”, as stated by the mother of the model. H and M has since hired a director of diversity in hopes to rebound from the situation and prevent any further outbursts from occuring in the future.

Only time will tell how fatal this mistake will be to the company, which has already seen its stock prices plummet. H and M was already struggling to compete with other online retailers, and this incident will certainly not help them improve their market share.