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Cardinal Outlook

Opening Day is Upon Us

February 27, 2017

Source: CBS News

With the 2016 season behind us and the 2017 season upon us, the St. Louis Cardinals may be poised for a playoff run. The season is almost a month away.

With the addition of Dexter Fowler in the outfield, that adds depth and a little bit of defense in a position the Cards need. The addition of Fowler is good for the Cardinals because they gained an on base guy who can lead off games and score runs early.

The Cardinals decided not to act on Matt Holliday’s 2017 team option, causing him to fall into free agency, ultimately getting picked up by the Yankees. They also did not resign Brandon Moss.  These aren’t huge losses, but they do subtract a lot of power that we got used to seeing from last season.

Last season the Cardinals led the National League in home runs. Nobody really saw it coming because usually the Cardinals stick to fundamental baseball and focus on getting on base and just driving that run in. This off-season it looks like they are going for that more fundamental and agile team rather than that team that can homer each game.

The Cardinals defense a season ago was very unreliable. This, in effect, causes the pitching to look bad when more ground balls reach out of the infield when they should be stopped.

The Cardinals future is very bright. It will need to be bright in order to compete with division rival Chicago Cubs. The Cardinals farm system is stacked with pitching, as the Cubs is stacked with position players. This makes for a very intriguing rivalry in the upcoming seasons.

The St. Louis Cardinals top pitching prospect was Alex Reyes. He is 6 foot 4 and 230 pounds. He is from the Dominican Republic. He saw some playing time in the majors last season, and he wowed a lot of people with his electric fastball and hammer curveball. Unfortunately, on February 14th the Cardinals were informed that he will need Tommy John surgery right before the season starts, already putting an end to the young star’s season.

The Cardinals top position player prospect is Carson Kelly who is 6 foot 2 and 218 pounds. He is a catcher who is said to play top defense. This surprises a lot of people because he was originally drafted as a third baseman. He is said to have a great arm and blocks the plate exceptionally well. This will be good, because the Cardinals current catcher is also known more for defense rather than his bat. Carson’s bat is said to someday develop into more of a power hitter.

This upcoming season you can probably expect the Cardinals to be competing for a division title with the heavy rival Cubs. The Cubs won the division a year ago and took home the World Series for the first time in over a century. It will be a hard run for the division and worst case scenario they win a wildcard spot.

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