Art Show

Amya Cooper, Feature Editor

On april 20,2018,friday and april 21,2018,saturday at Hazelwood West High School, west held its very own student art show.

There were drawings ,portraits, clay sculptures, even photographs. Each student’s work was set up on a blackboard right next to them with their name on the top.

As well as a few more portraits the deeper you go. There were portraits of celebs, even self portraits. It really showcased the talented kids at west.

Kyra sides, one of the student artist, said” I like art because it allows me to express my feelings.” She also said “ I recently got out of the hospital, as well as some family members, so my inspiration has been to push forward.”

Carli koenig, another student artist, had a different approach. She simply thought that art was fun. Her inspiration for her paintings was a bit more personal, she draws from her personal life.

Hopefully you were able to check out some of the amazing student art at west.