A Quiet Place (Movie Review)

Amya Cooper, Feature Editor

The movie “A quiet place” has received a lot of buzz for the past two weeks and after seeing it for myself, I see why.

A Quiet Place is about a family that’s living in a post-apocalyptic world, but the twist is that their deaf. Well, the daughter is, but the entire family has to stay quiet because of unknown carnivorous creatures that hunt human beings by sound. They’re blind but can hear anything from a pen drop to someone screaming to the top of their lungs.

The scenery very much gave off the apocalyptic vibe. Like the scene when the family is in the store and it’s completely vacant. There were some shelves knocked over and products all over the floor. The scene when the youngest son grabbed a toy rocket and the entire family froze, as if he had a bomb, really highlighted the survival aspect behind being quiet.

The mother, played by Emily Blunt, gave a very intense performance. Especially in the bathtub scene when one of the creatures where in her house as she suffering from contractions. Keeping quiet the screams from her pain while the monster wanders around the house had the entire audience on edge.

The movie’s concept of being completely quiet definitely gave the movie an eerie feel. Even when they were together having dinner as a family, the scene was very melancholic. Or when the two children were playing a boardgame and the game pieces were all little plushy, soft pieces that didn’t make a sound. You could definitely put together how much they sacrificed to survive.

“The concept of it being quiet magnified how much they sacrificed and how hard it is to be that quiet.” Andrea Cooper, an audience member. She also posed the question of” How long could you be quiet if your life depended on it? Michael, another audience member said” The movie was great, because it started in the middle, no back story on how the creatures got there, but you were still engaged with what was going on right in front of you.”

I recommend this movie if you genuinely enjoy the experience of a scary movie. If you’re an adrenaline junkie looking for suspense, then this movie is for you. What I liked about the movie was that you weren’t scared of the creatures, even though they were pretty scary, you didn’t care how the apocalypse happened, you were just on edge. On edge for every close call and wondering what was gonna happen next.

I urge anyone who genuinely loves horror movies should check out this movie.