Radical Reads: Winger

Bethany Cutkomp, Editor-In-Chief

For those that are into a rollercoaster of happy, sad, funny, and serious moments in fiction, this book is for you. Winger by Andrew Smith has been known to get reluctant readers to start reading. It warms reader’s hearts and makes them cry. It is the perfect book for someone that doesn’t quite know what they want to read and need help finding something good.

Winger starts off with Ryan Dean West nearly getting his head stuck in the toilet. It’s the day before his first day of school as a junior, while only being fourteen years old. It’s also his first day of living in O-Hall, the dorm for disobedient students. What is there not to say about him being a loser? Anyway, the day before school starts, Chas, Ryan Dean’s senior (and worst nightmare) roommate invites him to play poker with him and a couple of other friends that night. And that is where the story takes off.

The book itself isn’t much a physical adventure. It’s more of an internal journey to make it out of junior year as a freshman-aged boy alive. There are so many weird and funny characters beside Ryan Dean and against him. You will want to root for him too.

Winger is a laugh-out-loud book along with a book that may make you cry. Andrew Smith does a good job of including the serious topics within the humor, which is what makes this book so addicting to so many people.

Try out Winger by Andrew Smith for a book that may impact you forever. You will have no regrets.