Senior Recognition Day

Amya Cooper, Feature Editor

on april 10,2018,tuesday,at Hazelwood West high school, graduating seniors all waited in the auditorium to celebrate the college they were accepted into.

Each student had a specific seat with their name and college on it , which was used to put students in order to call them up individually. When each student was called up, they had to shake the principal’s hand and take a picture with their college gear.

Bethany Cutkomp, who’s studying creative writing at Truman state said,”Felt like things were starting to feel real” and “ It’s bittersweet because my friends are going to different places, but I’m happy for everyone.

Sarah Plambeck, who’s going to Fontbonne university, said,” It’s getting closer to graduation, it’s getting serious.”

The graduating class of 2018 had a bigger turn-out than last years class. As well as earning over $9 million dollars in scholarships.

Good luck class of 2018.