Cardinals Game

Amya Cooper, Feature Editor

On april 10,2018,tuesday,  at Busch stadium,baseball fans endured the cold weather in order to watch the cardinals play.


Before the game started, they allowed elementary and middle school kids to perform the national anthem in front of the entire stadium.


Then, fans were able to pitch on t.v. The entire stadium shared a heartfelt moment when Camille Fernandez, a cancer patient carlos martinez supported, was able to do the opening pitch.


St.louis cardinals played against the milwaukee brewers in a close match. The first part of the game was a bit rusty, with each team not being able to hit the ball. Then the game progressed and eventually it got intense.


In the end, cardinals lost to the brewers, cardinals scoring 3 and brewers scoring a 5.


Although this wasn’t there best game, the season is just starting out. Make sure to get your tickets to the next one.