Oklahoma Walkouts

Amya Cooper, Feature Editor

n april 11, 2018,wednesday, Oklahoma teachers continue to strike due to low pay. According to  reuters.com, Oklahoma educators have entered their 10th day on strike. Republican officials of Oklahoma approved a $450 million increase, but the teachers aren’t giving up just yet. Their original demand was for $150 million dollars.


Thousands of schools in the state are closed and have been since the start of the march.According to reuters.com, John Pfeiffer, state representative, said”As far as this year we’ve accomplished a whole lot, and I just don’t know how much more we can get done this session.”


Republican governor,Mary Fallin, signed a bill on tuesday to expand Native American casinos, so there wouldn’t be any room for educational funds, her office said.


The teachers are still fighting with an abundance of support. According to reuters.com, 72 percent of Oklahoma voters support the walkouts.


On april 12, 2018,thursday, the walkout officially ended. According to the New York times, the teachers say they acknowledge their protest failed, but the walkout did all that it could.


Alicia priest, President of Oklahoma association education, said “We got here by electing the wrong people in office” and “ We have the opportunity to make our voices heard at the ballot box” in an interview with the New York Times.