Sister Act!

Nick Weinman, Managing Editor

The time has finally come for our theater’s final production of the year; the highly anticipated spring musical, Sister Act! Tickets have just gone on sale and will continue to be on sale for the rest of the week leading up to the show.

     As always, everyone involved in the musical has been working hard to both put the show together and spread the news around school with posters and art. This news has also included making sure that everyone knows that tickets are on sale for $6 at the door and $5 if bought from someone working on the show. For anyone buying a ticket, know that everyone involved has worked so hard to get everything right. From the cast, to the crew, to the pit musicians, every person working on this show has given their all to perfecting the whole thing. The show nights are next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

   Hopefully everyone enjoys the show just as much as everyone working on it has enjoyed making it.