Auto Industry Weekly: Self Driving Car Kills Pedestrian

Drake Smith, News Editor


Last Monday, a self-driving Uber vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian walking a bike across the street in Tempe, Arizona. This was the second official death caused by a self driving car in the United States, drawing criticism against the new form of technology. Uber suspended all self-driving vehicles immediately after the incident. It was unknown if the pedestrian was jaywalking or jumped out in front of the car, but there is video footage of the accident that has been recently released. There was a “backup driver” in the vehicle but they were sleeping while the car struck the pedestrian. In addition the governor of Arizona sent a letter to Uber forbidding autonomous vehicle testing in the state until further notice. More regulations are expected to come regarding autonomous cars as a self driving Tesla also caused a major accident last week. Many critics claim that the recent deaths and accidents of self driving cars are justification to ban them from testing on public roads altogether. Those in favor of the cars claim they need more time and testing to get them proficient on the roads. These recent accidents have Americans across the country asking, is it really worth taking innocent people’s lives to advance this technology?