This Week on TV: Bob’s Burgers

Amya Cooper, Feature Editor

On march 25, 2018, sunday, Bob’s burgers aired a new episode and in natural bob’s burgers fashion, the episode showcased quirky humor and out-of-the-box situations.

In this episode,” Sleeping with the frenemy”, Tammy’s (voiced by Jenny Slate) parents are out of town and somehow Tammy stays at the Belcher residence.

While at the Belcher residence, Tammy helps Tina( voiced by Dan Mintz) talk to a crush. A new boy from out of town pops up and Tina likes him but doesn’t know how to approach him.

Although Tina is trying to be mature and her best, Tammy’s doing the absolute opposite.They both go through a rough journey of putting up with each other.

Meanwhile, Bob and Gene are busy with Gene losing his last baby tooth.  Instead of saving it for memory or simply throwing it away, they attempt to sell it on the black market. Out-of-box situations indeed.

I recommend this show to anyone who is looking for a good laugh. Anyone who is into more quirky comedy. This show takes the regular family cartoon and gives it a bit of a twist. They aren’t that well off and they run a failing restaurant but they love each other and are still a loving family that goes on crazy adventures together.