Radical Reads: Ready Player One

Bethany Cutkomp, Editor-In-Chief

They say the book is always better, so why doubt it? You might have heard about the new movie coming out, called Ready Player One. With a book rated so highly, the movie is guaranteed to be good. Why not psych yourself up with reading the book first? Already saw the movie? Get a taste of what it is like in printed format. Either way, the book is believed to be phenomenal. Here is why you should consider reading it.

The story of Ready Player One introduces the main character, Wade Watts. He is an eighteen-year-old, living in a world far more different than today’s society. It is in the mid 2040’s, and reality is a pretty scary place.

To escape the cruel world, people can escape to a virtual world called OASIS, created by a genius billionaire named James Halliday. OASIS is more of a way of life than simply just a game. Kids are allowed to attend school online. Everyone has their own avatar that they can level up for more opportunities. Everything there is better than in real life.

As there are Easter eggs that sometimes hide within video games, OASIS has an egg of its own. Hidden in this ultimate world of things yet to be discovered, Halliday offers a huge prize  to anybody that can maneuver through riddles and puzzles. One must fight to find keys and unlock gates in order to advance to the egg and win the game.

Years has passed by and nobody has found anything. The challenge is almost forgotten because it is practically impossible. However, Wade Watts cracks the first puzzle. The challenge is back on, and people are going crazy.

Now Wade’s avatar, Parzival, must embark on a daunting adventure filled with nostalgic and geeky pop culture of the past. He must fight against new friends and dangerous enemies in hopes of winning the game. In addition, he must face the terrible real world as problems arise.

As Wade gets deeper and deeper into the game, he realizes that there’s more to it than simply winning.

This book is meant for more than just video game fanatics. Ernest Cline, author of Ready Player One explains everything in so much detail that anybody would be able to understand what is happening. The plot is fast-paced and suspenseful, perfect for any reader.

The movie will be great, but legend says that the book is always better. Make sure you check out Ready Player One by Ernest Cline to put it to the test.