ACT Testing

Drake Smith, News Editor


Juniors at Hazelwood West will be taking their ACT on April 3rd, the official day for all Missouri students to take the test. The ACT is the primary standardized test that colleges use to assess student eligibility. It will be the first time taking the test for the vast majority of juniors, although many will be retaking the test in the months following. The national average ACT score is a 20, on a scale that goes from 0-36, although several colleges will accept scores as low as 17. Many students, including those taking the class ACT Prep, are anxiously awaiting the test that will ultimately decide their future. There are many different ways to prepare for the ACT including reviewing ACT practice tests, flashcards, and studying online using websites such as Quizlet. April 3rd is also Senior Activity Day, so most seniors will be out of the building the day of the testing. The ACT is arguably the most important test that these students will take in their life, since the educational opportunities and career possibilities are both dependent on the scores. Make sure to wish the juniors here at West good luck on the ACT next week, as they have a lot at stake with this test.