4th Quarter Survival Guide

Bethany Cutkomp, Editor-In-Chief

Students and teachers, beware. The 4th and final quarter of school is among us. This quarter has been proven to be the scariest, most difficult, and most treacherous stretch of time for the entire school year. Mix incoming finals and standardized tests with no more shortened weeks, and you’ve got yourself a few weeks of imminent despair.

Fear not, good scholars. Prepare for a guide that will lead you through the rest of the year with as little panic as possible. You will need the following items in order to be successful: a brain, something to eat, procrastination repellent, a writing utensil, and a little bit of sanity.

Step One: If you happen to encounter the 4th quarter, don’t panic.

The 4th quarter can smell fear. Do not give it that satisfaction. If you freak out and run through the quarter with haste, it will chase you and eat you alive. Nobody wants that to happen. Instead, slow down and face the quarter with confidence. Plan out your intentions, such as making a list. By checking off your goals, you will earn courage and motivation to trudge through the last few weeks of school without any sense of panic.

Step Two: It is best to conquer the 4th quarter with a team.

Facing the 4th quarter alone may be intimidating. That’s why it is best to form a team of companions that will help you along the way. Gathering friends or peers with the same classes or subjects may help you to solve difficult problems and to gain a better understanding of the tasks at hand. Do not be afraid to ask for help either. Your teachers are there to help guide you through this strenuous journey. It is encouraged to form an alliance of people you can trust most so that you may all reach success and triumph together.

Step Three: Fight back.

The most success comes from facing the 4th quarter head on and conquering it. Get out your procrastination repellent and put it to use. The more you fall behind, the heavier your workload becomes, which hinders you in putting forth your best performance. By planning ahead, you can confidently complete tasks such as homework and tests, without fear that the quarter will catch up to you. Take an extra step ahead so that you are prepared for anything the quarter has coming for you.

Step Four: Be friendly with the quarter, and yourself.

It is crucial through this journey to have a positive mindset, and that all starts with self-care and appreciation. If you start neglecting your daily needs and putting yourself down, the 4th quarter will certainly hunt you down and eat you alive. Don’t let it do that to you. Take this time and have fun with it. Grab some friends and come up with new and fun ways to complete work. Work with music and reward yourself when tasks are completed. This is a time to triumph, so be sure that you are feeling good about yourself and the work that you complete along the way.

Follow these steps, and the 4th quarter will not eat you alive. Instead, you will get through these last few weeks just fine. It may be scary at first, but you are capable of conquering the rest of this school year.

Let’s do this!