Arts of West 3/9/18

  Hello Wildcats! We’re back again to talk about the wonderful artists of our school. This week we’ll be talking about art in general.

        It can definitely be said that art is admired by just about everyone and that many people practice it in a large variety of ways. From doodles in a notebook to filling a whole canvas in your free time, art is always full of purpose and value. Interestingly enough, this still applies if you’re just doing it for your own enjoyment or even if you’re doing it to help yourself through something. The message here is that art is always important and that no matter your inspiration, it’s a beautiful thing. Art even applies to things that don’t have anything to do with drawing, as music and writing are forms of art too. No matter what you practice, your art is amazing.

       Art brings growth and change, as well as helping understand other people’s viewpoints and their problems. This view into someone else is all part of the fun, really, and it should be the reason we appreciate art forever.