Spring Break is Coming Soon

Amya Cooper, Feature Editor

Spring break is coming up and some are going on vacation or going out.For the rest of us who are staying in, here are a couple ideas so you don’t bore yourself to death.

Read a book. Getting caught up in a good book may be the highlight of your break. If you haven’t read in a while or want to catch up on that one book that you keep renewing, now is the time.

If you’re not the reading type, binge watch some t.v. shows. A busy school schedule can keep you from being able to enjoy your favorite shows, but now is the time to stay up all night and catch up on your favorite t.v. show.

If you’re looking to be a bit more productive, straighten up a bit. Nothing could pass the time like good ol’ spring cleaning. When you’re busy you don’t have time to clean up, but now you can relax in a clean house.

Finally, get some sleep. From all nighters to intense homework and other responsibilities, getting enough rest is rare. During the break, take the chance to sleep in, indulge in naps and go to bed early.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure to enjoy the break.