PSA: Naps and You

Nick Weinman, Managing Editor

Naps are always nice and I’m sure just about anyone can agree with me on that. After all, it’s always nice to take a nice little rest after a day of events. But why do we like naps so much?

 Imagine you spend all day doing something that just drains you, it can be anything at all, and as soon as you get done you just can’t help but feel like everything around you is just so loud and bright and tiring. Your head hurts, your body aches, and you feel yourself just getting dizzier while your eyes get heavier than a ton of bricks. While you could do just about anything else to try and fix this, the only real answer that actually matters is to get yourself some water and then take a nap. This nap will keep you down for enough time that you’ll be able to dream about whatever it is you dream about, while also eating up that free time that you’d been hoping for since you started on whatever thing that drained you earlier in the day. Once you’re down and out for a sufficient amount of time, you’ll open your eyes to a bright world that actually feels nice to be in and you’ll feel like you woke up from about a year long sleep. You’ll be able to spring up and get to doing whatever it is you want to do after your nap.

   With this example in mind, i’m sure that anyone would want to take a nap now, and you can, whether it’s at home or somewhere less recommended like your school or workplace, you can recharge and rest a little bit longer with the help of a nap. But you may be asking, “why can’t I nap just anywhere?”, well that’s because it’s not socially acceptable to nap in a place of work or learning, but I guess I can’t stop you if that’s what you’re wanting to do. All in all, I feel that if everyone just took more naps, the world would probably be a better and more well rested place.