WWE Weekly

Devon Webster, Sports Editor

This week in WWE news, Monday Night RAW last week featured an absolutely historic gauntlet match. The winner of the match wins the number sixth spot in the Elimination Chamber. The match started with Seth Rollins against former Shield brethren, Roman Reigns. Rollins got the best of Reigns and went on to have a match with John Cena. during this explosive match, Rollins went on to have wrestled a total of an hour. Rollins pulled off a victory on cena and was seemingly on a roll that was until Elias Samson (the next competitor) entered the ring and finished off Rollins ending his time in the match at 73 minutes. Elias would then go on to compete with the monstrous Braun Strowman. Braun would win and would be placed in the sixth pod at Elimination Chamber. What makes this match so historic is that it’s officially the longest match in the company’s history. Its official match time is 146 minutes and 55 seconds. Later in the week The Elimination Chamber took place and Alexa Bliss retained her Women’s Championship in a historic first ever women’s elimination Chamber match. Ronda Rousey signed her WWE contract while systematically putting WWE CEO Triple H through the table. Roman Reigns won the Elimination Chamber and will go on to face Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at Wrestlemania.


In New Japan Pro Wrestling news, the Golden Lovers reunited in an unprecedented return to the ring as a tag team. It was announced that a Dream match between Young Bucks and the Golden Lovers will take place which is an extremely interesting encounter. In Indy Wrestling news, Flip Gordon and Hiromu Takahashi are set to compete at Ring of Honors 16th anniversary show. The official ROH streaming service has officially taken off and is now available for any paying subscriber. PWGs next upcoming show will take place at the Globe Theater in downtown Los Angeles which is a pretty big move for the company that’s held countless shows in Los Angeles’ ‘Sweat Box’. Also in indy news, Tenille Dashwood formally known as Emma in WWE, has made her debut to the independent scene in ROH wrestling. Her debut took place at ROHs ‘Honor Reigns’ event in a tag team match. Her debut means that she will be competing in the historic ‘Women of honor’ tournament to crown the first ever ROH Women’s champion.