Writer’s Week Poll

Rami Hanin, Web Editor

With Writers Week coming to a close, reflection of pieces, material, and topics is necessary to truly feel what Writers Week is supposed to be. With that though, discussion on the avid insistence of a “Theme” by Writers Week administration has led to some hot button discussion. Some believed theme of “Rebirth, Regrowth, and Redefining Self” forced topics instead of allowing them to come naturally, leading to a lot of repetition in style and topic. Others though, in favor of the theme, cited the wholesomeness and proper theme usage allowed for higher quality of writing than a broad, “write anything you want” style of Writer’s Week did.


A poll was taken of 80 students, and the breakdowns are below.


“Are you in favor of a Writer’s Week Theme?”


Yes = 31


No = 49


While ahead, the No votes weren’t quite as popular as was expected before the poll was taken. People either didn’t seem to care about the Writer’s Week Theme, or they only were mildly inconvenienced by the theme.