Writing an Effective Love Poem

Bethany Cutkomp, Editor-In-Chief

It’s Valentine’s Day and you are stumped. You need to impress your special someone but either you are on a tight budget or you have no time left. Maybe you are in dire need to come up with something extraordinary and unique. What better way to sweep your love off of their feet than with your own words?

Write your loved one a love poem. Your words will strike their heart. If you want to do this right, you have to go old school. Get out a piece of paper and a writing utensil. Make sure to decorate the poem when you are finished if you want to be extra fancy. If you need help with the poem itself, pull up a free rhyming dictionary online.

Now you must decide which kind of poem you will produce to impress your special somebody. If you’re going for something especially exquisite, you may be interested in coming up with an elaborate Old English format.

In order for this to work, you’re going to have to get creative. Embrace years of studying Shakespearean plays and unleash your knowledge onto the page with spunk from your own imagination.

Remember the basics but don’t be afraid to get cheesy. Use figurative language to spice up the mood. If successful, your poem will enchant your loved one.

Here is a simple example of such beauty.


Ladybird, mine own loveth f’r thee
goeth beyond the moon and the stars.
Thy simple presence endues me joy.
Alloweth th’re nev’r beest a day
Wh’re thou art not at mine own side.


If you want something fun that has rhymes and rhythm, writing a limerick might be the right path to take. Limericks follow an AABBA rhyming pattern. Typically, the first, second, and fifth line consist of eight to nine syllables, while the third and fourth only have five.

Now that you have the rules down, you are free to unleash your imagination. Usually limericks are upbeat and rather corny. This type of poem is usually intended to make your special somebody laugh or smile.

Here is a cringey model of a love limerick.


There once was a person I saw

Such beauty did fill me with awe

I fainted at once

I am such a dunce

I hope she’ll see past my small flaw


If you are going for something more simple, a haiku would fit your needs perfectly. A haiku is a three-lined poem, following an easy syllable pattern. The first line gets five syllables, the second line gets seven, and the third gets five.

Haikus are typically used to describe the beauty in nature, but your job is to bend the stereotype. Let your creativity shine and bellow out a poem that will flatter your loved one.

Here is an example of an appreciative haiku.


Her lovely smile

That can brighten every room

Is all that matters


Now, if all of the prior ideas seem too difficult or too embarrassing, there is one poem that remains: the “roses are red” poem. Ah yes, the classic of all love poems. So simple, yet so charming. Share these lovely words with your special person and you’re bound to win them over.

Bonus points if you actually are able to include a rose with your words. If not, just draw a little rose next to your poem. It will have similar loving effects if successful.

A “roses are red” poem has infinite possibilities, but here is an example of the most simple form.


Roses are red

You are so fine

On this holiday

Will you be mine?


These poems may seem incredibly worthless or embarrassing. That is okay. It is the simple thought that counts on Valentine’s Day, and every day in general. What should matter is that your loved one should appreciate you no matter what, even through the awkwardness and hilarity.

Now what are you waiting for? Get some words on the paper and be prepared to produce an original masterpiece that your special somebody will cherish this Valentine’s Day! Go!