Not Your Typical Date

Amya Cooper, Feature Editor

It’s already February 14th, and you’re thinking where to take that special someone. Pondering where would be the perfect place to go out tonight, dinner, walk in the park, maybe a movie.Making sure you get them the right gift and a special date. But, if you want the night to end on a good note, try something  a bit out of the norm.

Valentine’s day is here and places like olive garden, red lobster, etc. will be packed, but if you want to make this valentine’s day even more special, try something a bit more…unconventional.

This valentine’s day, change things up with an unconventional date. Not your typical dinner and a movie will really get sparks flying. Places that you wouldn’t even think of could really seal the deal.

If you like mystery, solving problems, and getting one-on-one time with your date, try an escape room. Escape rooms are when they lock you or a group of people in a room and in order to get out, you have to solve the mystery. The people who work there will give you clues and give you assistance when needed. This experience can let you and your date get to know each other and have fun.

If you’re more into food, then take your date to a cooking class. If you’re good at cooking, you can show of your skills, but if not, you can both crash and burn together. It allows you to get close and bond over something that everyone loves: food.

Show your love of books and literature by taking your date to a poetry slam or book reading.If you’re a bit more introverted or nervous on dates, this doesn’t require  much talking, but you can still be close with your date and enjoy the show.

If you’re light on your feet, take your date to dance class.Dazzle them with a 1-2 step or salsa. It allows the two of you to get really close and adds some comedy every time one of you royally  fails one of the dance steps.

If you’re more the artsy type or looking for a more romantic date, try taking a painting class with your date.  You can draw each other or make fun of how bad their way of painting a bowl of fruit.

Sing your heart out at a karaoke bar. You can sing to each other and make a fool of yourselves together and laugh about it later. It allows you to bond over food, music and absolute embarrassment, if that doesn’t bring two people together, then I don’t know what will.

If you’re looking for a fun icebreaker, go go-kart racing. You both can indulge in  some friendly competition, making you both a bit more comfortable on your date. Nothing helps break the ice like trash talk.

If alone time is the one thing you need on a date, go to a boat house. It allows you and your date some alone time and still has that romantic feel.

Hopefully you and that special someone found something off this list to do, and I wish you a happy valentine’s day.