Black Lightning

Amya Cooper, Feature Editor

Black lightning is a new t.v. show on the cw, about a man, who’s superhero persona is black lightning, a vigilante who protects his neighborhood, and his family.

The main characters are Black lightning or Jefferson Pierce(Cress Williams), Jennifer Pierce(China Anne Mcclain),Anissa Pierce(Nafessa Williams), and Lynn Pierce( Christine Adams)

Jefferson Pierce as a young man adopted the persona of black lightning but retired.Until his youngest daughter,Jennifer, was recruited by a street gang. Now, he’s out of retirement and is back to being the vigilante hero. His daughters,Jennifer and Anissa also get superpowers, but they both handle it differently.

This show is a good watch,because it brings up important topics like racism, has representation-a black family and Anissa is a black female lesbian superhero- and it’s a relatable show with relatable characters. To top it off, it’s a superhero show, so there are tons of action.

I encourage everyone to check this show out.