Cure for a Lonely Valentine’s

Nick Weinmann, Managing Editor

 It’s Valentine’s once again this year and while plenty of people are spending it with their loved ones and significant others, even more are spending it alone. While it definitely seems like a hopeless situation, there’s always a way to counter the bad vibes of a lonely Valentine’s.

   If you’re spending V-Day alone this year, it can definitely seem like a complete bummer. After all, it kind of is, but there’s no reason for you to really let it get to you. Treating yourself to a nice dinner, getting together with your other single friends, watching a nice movie or reading a good book, even buying yourself presents; these are all things that can really help to stave off the crushing feelings of despair from your very lonely Valentine’s. There’s nothing wrong with getting yourself a little chocolate or spending time with pets more than real people. But really, it’s all about just doing anything that makes you feel good and show that you don’t necessarily need someone else to have a good time.

   Being alone isn’t all bad and getting through this terrible season is what really counts, so just remember to keep your chin up and stay positive until you find somebody or at least until the whole alone-on-valentine’s thing blows over. Hopefully this little bit of encouragement can help, even if it’s just a little. Hope everyone has a Happy Valentine’s day, even the single people!